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What is a Divine Facial?

Divine Illumine Facials are an invigorating blissful experience like no other. The miraculous facial starts with stones on the feet and light scalp massage to immediately de-stress you both physically and emotionally. This simple process prepares you for the many incredible treatments and modalities to follow. Succeeding is a deep cleanse and exfoliation with steam to loosen up and release the layer of dead skin cells, sebum and dirt that are trapped in the pores. A light peel is often added if needed. Extractions are performed along with high frequency to rid the skin of any bacteria causing residue. The intense rejuvenating massage is an enjoyable lifting treatment with Hungarian techniques as well as stones and rollers treating your skin to increase microcirculation and stimulate the facials muscles from the inside out. This will also prepare the skin for the customized masque to follow. While you are relaxing with the masque, you will receive a modality to clear your meridians, clear and re-charge your chakras and infuse your entire being with Reiki. Reiki promotes not only ultimate relaxation and healing from within, it is also known to be an internal life force healing that stimulates a very deep sense of inner peace and bliss. Your skin will be glowing like never before and you will float home with dietary and product tips to create an easy at home regimen until your next appointment.